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Mass Effect: Andromeda: Таблица [UPD: 13.08.2017] {Csimbi}

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Полезность: 0 | сообщение № 1 отправлено 12:13, 18.08.2018
- Resource Updater; enable when facing a mineral deposit, grab deposit, disable. I made it for a specific reason, so it's not customizable and there are no checks so it's best to keep it off unless you need it.
- Shield Updater; grants infinite Shield for the Protagonist
- XP Calc; scales the XP gained
- Weapon Accuracy reader; boosts accuracy and firespeed - not configurable right now, but you can leave it on.
- MoonJumpCheck; for the moon jump junkies.
- MoneyTaker; I make this for the trade interface and it seems to update the sold mineral counts, too, not just your gold. Best disable it and use it only when you really need to buy a few minerals. Pay attention as you can screw up your save with this!

I included the fixes for the ignore level requirements script (that someone posted earlier) so it should work now.

Fixed a few player pointers.
Added a player pointer for Money.

Props to all who contributed thus far!
I did not read the thread but you should know who you are. ;-)

Update #1
I added a script:
- Recoil tester; prevents recoil when enabled; finally you can play it like a decent FPS...

Update #2
I added a script:
- Weapon Heat Updater; prevents weapons accumulating heat when enabled; allows you to fire your weapons as long as you want...

Update #3
I added a script:
- Nomad hacks; it is a combination of three things: speed mod, infinite boost and infinite thrust. If the thrusters did not slow it down so much, you could fly the Nomad :D

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