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Games - this is probably the most popular and expensive industry, which is now associated with personal computers. Even not all programs can be compared with them, and therefore corporate giants earn their design and implementation of games is very big money.

Buy the game is nice, but there are situations when the game is really very interesting story just grabs, music also not satisfactory, but that pass a certain part of the game just does not work. Having spent several hours in the same place starts psychosis, which causes the game to throw or even delete it from your computer. That is why the programmers made this an interesting program as Cheat Engine 6.4 . The essence of this program is to enable the user to take advantage of some loopholes, which he helped to pass a certain part of the game or did facilitate the flow of the game.

Cheat Engine - this is a fairly simple program that allows you to scan the game, and in particular any of the file and look for places there, where the parameters are entered character or any other object with which a character interacts with. You can give a simple example is when you play a game where you have to ride in cars, so-called competition, and you can not pass a certain section of the route. It's okay here it, you just open the program Cheat Engine, you scan your game folder and find a particular file specification car, which of course allows you to change the program. This will give you the opportunity to understate the parameters rivals or raise their own.          

Version: 6.4
Author: Eric Heijnen ("Dark Byte")
Updated: 2014
Price: FREE
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Size: 8.63 МБ
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